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Gajra is an important cultural element in India and is widely used to enhance beauty, spread fragrance, and as a symbol of tradition and culture.

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Gajra is a traditional Indian accessory used by women to decorate their hair. It is a string of flowers, usually jasmine or marigold, woven together with small plastic beads or pearls. Here are some common ways in which gajras are used:

  1. Hair adornment: The most common use of gajra is as a hair accessory. Women typically wear gajras on their hair bun, braid or even as a headband. The scent of the flowers adds a pleasant aroma to the hair.
  2. Festivals and special occasions: Gajras are often worn during traditional Indian festivals and special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and religious ceremonies.
  3. Offering to deities: Gajras are also offered as a form of worship to deities in Hindu temples.
  4. Fragrance: The scent of the flowers used in the gajra acts as a natural fragrance, which helps in keeping the surroundings fresh.
  5. Decorative purposes: Gajras are also used as decorative pieces in homes or during festivities.


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